Global News - J Andrew Sprague - Human Rights and Accessibility LawyerAs the handler of a certified service dog, Andrew has unique experience with human rights law as it applies to accessibility obligations and human rights complaints before the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (HRTO).

Andrew advises organizations on the numerous requirements under Ontario’s various accessibility and human rights laws.

He also provides training and education to stakeholders within organizations.

As a successful applicant at the HRTO, Andrew is able to provide organizations with insightful and practical advice from the perspective of experienced legal counsel as well as from the perspective of someone who knows how human rights applicants think and act.

Andrew has successfully obtained an Order for Interim Relief from the HRTO even though the Adjudicator noted in his Interim Decision that “An Order for Interim Relief is by its nature an extraordinary remedy as it imposes a temporary legal obligation on a responding party in the absence of a finding that the Code has been breached. ….  The Tribunal has very rarely granted interim remedies ….

Andrew is the Technology Liaison for the Ontario Bar Association’s Constitutional, Civil Liberties and Human Rights Law Section.